Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As you can see, I've greatly fallen behind in blogging--it's been over a month.  I've come to realize that it's because I'm not so into it anymore, or was ever really extremely enthused about what I was doing, except at first.  I think I was just trying to find a way to get some content of mine out on to the internet to practice and gain experience for a future career in journalism, but this wasn't doing all that much for me.

I don't want to stop doing that, but I think I was going about it all wrong to begin with.  I'm trying to figure out what I want to do in terms of blogging, and while it's not this, it will definitely be something.  I'm coming up with ideas, but this is quite possibly the last post on this blog.  It's probably a good thing that I'm deciding to stop since I have no sad feelings about it.  Thanks to anyone who is reading, or has read it in the past, it's been fun.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

revere beach

I haven't really posted this month and I'm sorry.  I've gotten in this schedule of wake up, go to see the athletic trainers, run, shower, go to work, get back after 9 to make and eat dinner, watch some internet TV and then go to bed.  No photos, no blogging included, which I should really get back to doing.  I've oddly become good at getting up at a good time in the morning (8:30) so I can get things done before work.  Speaking of which, I need to write fast so I can put my laundry way from yesterday.

My roommates and I (plus one's cousin) went the Revere Beach just outside of Boston this past weekend.  We drove, but it is accessible by T, the blue line Wonderland stop is almost right on the beach.  We didn't have time to go for a true beach day, but we went instead for sunset and taking some pictures....which basically turned into a photoshoot.  It was an incredibly fun time.

And we obviously finished off the night with some ice cream.  It was fun getting to take my camera for a spin on the beach, especially at sunset.  I loved some of the lighting that we found as the sun went down, although I don't think I did it justice with my photos or editing.

I hope to be back soon with another post! I'm also going to the Jersey Shore in two weeks, so I'll have plenty to post about from there!  I hope my memory card is big enough....

On me:
sandals: Target
maxi skirt: unknown via Buffalo Exchange (resale store)
t-shirt: Gap via Buffalo Exchange
belt: attached to a Target skirt
hat: Forever 21
earrings: Forever 21

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

first vlog

I can't remember if I told everyone about my vlogging internship for the website Alive Campus, but well, either way I am now.  I completed my first vlog this week, and you can all check it out if you're interested!

Don't laugh at me too much, I'm just getting used to the idea of being a vlogger!

top: Calvin Klein via Goodwill
jeans: American Eagle

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

stressed out

Moving in and out of dorms has always been stressful, enough but moving from a dorm apartment to an off campus apartment is insane.  I took so many trips back and forth, with my things, my room mate's things, and our communal kitchen and cooking supplies.  5+ hours, after driving to Boston for an hour and a half with my bed half obstructing my view out the back of my car.   My legs are so sore today, which is unfortunate because I have my first day of work at Buffalo Exchange, 6.5 hours of being on my feet.  Oh well, it was either sore today or sore tomorrow.

Because of people's work/internship schedules, we have yet to really have the place moved in, and there is still one girl that we're subletting from who is here for another week and a half, with all of her things (including kitchen supplies).  It makes it feel half like I'm in my own place, and half like I'm a guest in someone else's house.  It doesn't help that my room has no closets, and I don't even have a dresser or desk, so my stuff is currently just strewn everywhere.

But on the plus side, we are a short block away from a tasty froyo place, my bed is in a great location by the windows, there are ceiling fans and a breeze, and I'm no longer in my stuffy on campus place.  Yes, I did get some froyo last night to destress a little bit, and it was delicious.  I just need to breathe and be calm and soon enough we will be perfectly settled in.

shoes: Target
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
top: Rue 21
earrings: Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

happy start to summer

Summer has started with many happy thoughts!  Here's a list:

- my internship starts soon
- I ran a new personal best in the 400 meters, and continued running close to that time for the next 2 meets -- I've finally moved up in track!
- 4.0 GPA this semester, I'm proud of myself
- we move into a new apartment for the summer in less than a week
- and most importantly today...I GOT A JOB!

As of this coming Thursday when I fill out all the paperwork, I'll be an employee of  Buffalo Exchange, an amazing secondhand/resale store that has locations all across the country (I definitely recommend checking them out if you have a location nearby).  To make being hired even better, it's less than a 10 minute walk away from my summer place.  My apartment will also be a 2 minute walk from a delicious froyo place... yes, I'm excited for this summer.

There are currently Goodwill donation bins in the dorms across campus, and my room mate and I have been bin-diving.  I mean, they can't expect us to not look through bins of clothing and shoes that are just left out, right?  I feel a little guilty, but I feel like if they really didn't want people to take things, they would close it off, or make you give your items to the RA office for them to donate.  So far, I've gotten two great gems: a box FILLED with great nail polishes, and some Timberland boat shoes.

They're a little too tight, but I'm trying to stretch out the leather by using a hairdryer to heat them up while wearing thick socks...something I've seen on Pinterest.  It's been working a little bit, but they keep shrinking back.  I'm hoping that the more I do it, and the more I wear them, the better they'll fit me.  I feel a little weird wearing second hand shoes sometimes, so I remedied that by taking out the insoles and putting in some of my own.  They are cut to size from an old pair of Nike sneakers.

Outfit details:
shoes: Target
jeans: American Eagle
button down: American Eagle
sweater: Forever 21
earrings: Forever 21

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

on wednesdays we wear pink

oxfords: nature breeze // dress: tj maxx // bracelets: made and gift // 

This summer weather is amazing.  I love that it was even warm enough for shorts at 9am this morning.  I had a decently relaxing day, minus the fact that I had to study for a final tomorrow.  I also had an interview for a summer job at Buffalo Exchange.  It's a chain second hand store around the country, and I really hope I get the job.  They gave me a second interview for Monday, so I hope I rock it.

I wish the photo above was in focus, every time I think it's properly focused, only to get it in my computer and see that I focused the handle of my closet door.  Oops.

Yes, those are my notes under the photo of my bracelets.  History of the US since 1865, aw yeah.  All I have left of junior year is that final tomorrow, and a paper due next Friday.  It's painful but not nearly as much work as my friends have, so I can't really complain.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Here are some more photos that I've taken over the course of my photography class.  If you're interested in seeing my previous post, go here.

These first two photographs were taken at the Boston Marathon.  I love the top one, it was almost an accident.  I was trying to get a shot that showed motion but with one foot in focus, but this is what happened instead.  I lucked out with the colors too, although I did do some editing to make the neons brighter.  And the second picture I took simply because my assignment was photojournalism, but little did I know that the Boston Police Department would be so important later that day, and later on that week.  Thank you random officer for letting me photograph you at the marathon, and for helping the city so much after that.

Night photography.  I love the way the bus lights look in the top photo.

And of course I took pictures at a track meet.